My first novel, The City of Saturdays, is represented by InterSaga literary agency and will hopefully be coming out soon. It is a dark tale about what happens when a person loses all sense of who they are, and who they ever were to begin with.

Things people have said about The City of Saturdays:

“I felt, reading it, that it sapped my energy and sense of purpose just as it was sapping the narrator’s.”

“On the cusp between magical realism and American folk horror.”

– Liz Williams, Writer & Editor

“I found it gripping and also extremely immersive. I feel as though I have been to the City of Saturdays myself and several days after my first read-through, it was still with me. This is one of those novels in which the setting is itself a character.”

“It reminds me a bit of Kafka… it reminds me a little of H.P. Lovecraft”

– Gareth Southwell, Philosopher & Novelist

“A kind of quadruple Venn diagram of urban fantasy, folk horror, magical realism and literary fiction.”

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