A Year In Recap: 2019

I am nervous about even writing this post. The year has been huge for me in every arena of my life: personal, professional, creative, academic… I don’t know where to begin.

I know that at the beginning of the year I made some plans which I slightly revised halfway through. I haven’t re-read either of those blog posts yet, because I’m afraid to. What if I have accomplished nothing at all? (This is a ridiculous fear, I know, and yet the gremlin who lives in my mind is whispering it to the insides of my ears: What if I’ve been kidding myself all this time? What if nothing has been achieved?)

But of course, I know the gremlin is talking bullshit. That’s what gremlins do. Continue reading

2019 Reflections: My #2019bestnine on Instagram

For better or for worse, the internet is where we live a lot of our lives these days, and I for one am quite a fan of Instagram. This year more people were moving towards Stories and away from the classic photos-in-a-grid way of using it, but I prefer to have something I can look back on in a more linear fashion. Continue reading

2019 Reflections: Books – Biographies

I’m reviving something I have done only once before, in 2016: the ‘biographies’ category of the book reflection posts, because I read some great ones this year and the non-fiction section was already looking pretty full. Continue reading

Half-Year Review

So, how’s the year going?

Pretty well, on the whole. At the beginning of the year I made some plans, so now that we’re halfway through I thought I’d take a look at how they’re moving along. Continue reading