Quotes – The Analysis of Mind

Bertrand Russell was one of my favourite authors when I first became interested in philosophy, and he’s still someone whose work I refer to often. Here are some quotes from The Analysis of Mind, an excellent introductory text to the philosophy of mind.

‘A consistent fairytale is a different thing from truth, however elaborate it may be.’

‘A recollection is aroused by something which is happening now, but is different from the effect which the present occurrence would have produced if the recollected event had not occurred.’

‘All our data, both in physics and psychology, are subject to psychological causal laws; but physical causal laws, at least in traditional physics, can only be stated in terms of matter, which is both inferred and constricted, never a datum. In this respect psychology is nearer to what actually exists.’

‘Moral considerations are the worst enemies of the scientific spirit and we must dismiss them from our minds if we wish to arrive at truth.’

‘The primitive non-cognitive element in desire seems to be a push, not a pull, an impulsion away from the actual, rather than an attraction towards the ideal.’