Scarlett de Courcier

Hi, my name is Scar. I am interested in who and how people are, what matters to them the most, and why. I do research in psychology of religion & spirituality alongside teams at the University of Oxford and the University of South Wales; consult and speak about computer crime investigation and child protection, particularly child sexual exploitation; run Bohemiacademia, an international team of freelance writers, proofreaders and translators; and am currently training to be a psychotherapist.

I am fascinated by people and am always interested in talking to them and hearing their stories. This, coupled with my history of working with survivors of childhood trauma, led me to begin training as an existential psychotherapist at Regent’s University, London. Existential psychotherapy takes a phenomenological approach to the challenges of living, bringing to light our ways of being in the world in an attempt to understand who and how we are. I am particularly interested in the philosophy of Kierkegaard and how this can be applied to contemporary psychotherapy.

My first novel, The City of Saturdays, is a dark tale about what happens when a person loses all sense of who they are, and who they ever were to begin with. It is represented by InterSaga literary agency and will hopefully be coming out soon.

I live in West London with my cat, Pangur Bán.

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