Scarlett de Courcier

Existential psychotherapist & philosophy PhD student

About Me

I am an existential psychotherapist and philosophy PhD student based in West London. I live with my cat, Pangur Bán, who is named after an old Irish poem.

Before becoming a psychotherapist I worked in advertising for five years, and then became a computer crime investigator specialising in child protection. My first book, Windows Forensics Cookbook, talks about how to acquire data, analyse systems and conduct investigations using Windows forensic tools.

This job took me all around the world and provided me with a lot of interesting experiences, but I had wanted to be a psychotherapist for as long as I could remember, so after seven years as an investigator I began therapy training.

I have always enjoyed living several lives simultaneously and my current lifestyle is no exception. As well as having my private practice, I also work in a specialist NHS psychotherapy clinic for women who were sexually abused in childhood. Alongside these (and the PhD) I run Bohemiacademia, a business consultancy and content creation company.

When I am not working I can usually be found curled up with a book, binge-watching something on Netflix, or wandering by the river.

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