End Of Year Reflections 2019

A few years ago my friend found a Buzzfeed list of questions to ask yourself at the end of each year, and they were quite good so I incorporated them into my annual traditions. Here is this year’s contribution.

What did you do in 2019 that you were proud of? 

A lot of things, actually.

  • Passed my driving test
  • Passed the Foundation course in Psychotherapy & Counselling at Regent’s University
  • Got onto the Psychotherapy MA at Regent’s University
  • Wrote a novel
  • Challenged myself in therapy

Whom did you meet this year who inspired you?

I can’t easily pick out one person, but meeting a whole bunch of new friends on the Psychotherapy course was definitely inspirational.

What did you read that you think bettered you?

  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  • Integration and Self-Healing by Henry Krystal

What song defined this year for you?

What were some fears that you had at the beginning of the year that you overcame?

I was worried about telling my therapist some of the things I knew I had to tell her, but it all turned out well.

What is your favourite photo that you took this year?

There are a few contenders, but (mainly for sentimental reasons) probably this one:

In which place did you feel true joy in 2019?

In Wales, when I spent an entire day just watching the sunlight playing over the mountains from the patio of the little cottage.

Also in my living room, when everyone left after the Hallowe’en party. I sat in a camping chair surrounded by the debris of the night, watching the candles on the mantlepiece burn down, and I felt at peace.

What was your biggest regret of 2019?

One of the work-related decisions I made didn’t turn out so well, but I think I managed to claw it back in the last few months of the year, so all was OK in the end.


Following Adam J. Kurtz’s question on Twitter:

My top three personal achievements of 2019:

  1. Getting through the year
  2. Challenging myself in therapy
  3. Sticking at many things even when they were tough

I wonder what next year’s answers will be?

Previous years: 2016 | 2017 | 2018

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Scarlett de Courcier

Used to investigate cybercrimes, now training as an existential psychotherapist. Writer (novel rep'd by Intersaga). Solitude advocate. Kierkegaardian. She/her

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