2019 Reflections: My #2019bestnine on Instagram

For better or for worse, the internet is where we live a lot of our lives these days, and I for one am quite a fan of Instagram. This year more people were moving towards Stories and away from the classic photos-in-a-grid way of using it, but I prefer to have something I can look back on in a more linear fashion.

I use Instagram as a diary for myself, more than anything else: a way to look back over what I’ve been doing and reflect on how things are going. But it’s also interesting to find out what other people liked the most.

This year, these were my top nine photos by number of likes:

The cat featured heavily, as well she should, and so did the living room. The most popular picture this year (I think possibly my most popular post ever?) was a combination of both of those themes:

As well as for stealing the new chair, Pangur was also popular for staring down at me judgementally while I worked on my next book:

The living room featured two more times in the top nine: the first a view from one of the windows:

And the second a recent post in which I signed off for the rest of this year and also showed off my new seating (very exciting, since guests have been sitting on camping chairs for years now).

Bookshelves featured heavily – again, going along with the theme of my life. My bedroom’s shelves were a hit:

And so were some bookshelves in an old bookshop I found:

And then a couple from right back at the beginning of the year. Firstly, the new office for Bohemiacademia – a very exciting development:

And then a stock photo welcoming in the year, introducing a blog post in which I talked about the things I wanted to achieve in 2019.

What were your best nine? Or if you’re not on Instagram, what were some of your snapshot moments from this year?

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Scarlett de Courcier

Used to investigate cybercrimes, now training as an existential psychotherapist. Writer (novel rep'd by Intersaga). Solitude advocate. Kierkegaardian. She/her

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