2019 Reflections: Music

At the end of 2018, I went to see the Dresden Dolls playing a gig again for the first time in years. They broke up ages ago, and we all thought they were re-forming for one night only, but now it sounds like there might be more coming up. VERY EXCITING.

I made a ‘Defiance’ playlist shortly after I watched them cover RATM’s Killing In The Name, and that playlist saw a lot of air time this year.

My top songs haven’t changed all that much since about 2006:

My top song was Half Jack by the Dresden Dolls, which is not surprising. I also spent a lot of time listening to Sia, Jillette Johnson, Bitter Ruin, Drowning Pool, Dusty Springfield, Christina Aguilera, Superchick, and the soundtracks to Notre Dame de Paris and O Brother Where Art Thou?

But my top four artists were the Dresden Dolls (sensing a theme here?), Laura Marling, First Aid Kit, and Tori Amos. Because I never really did outgrow my teenage emo phase.

My #1 artist was Superchick. They live in the crossover ground between Christian rock and pure emo. I love them.

Here’s the full playlist:

And here are previous years: 201620172018

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Used to investigate cybercrimes, now training as an existential psychotherapist. Writer (novel rep'd by Intersaga). Solitude advocate. Kierkegaardian. She/her

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